Book a Party

*WE ARE CURRENTLY ONLY ABLE TO BOOK PARTIES FOR UP TO 6 PEOPLE AT ONE OF OUR OUTSIDE TABLES, OR UP TO 4 PEOPLE AT AN INSIDE TABLE*.  A great alternative is to purchase Take-out Birthday Party Kits for a group of 5 or more!  Give us a call to make a reservation or for more details.

Reservation Details for Once Things Return to “Normal”…

    • All reserved parties require a minimum pottery purchase of $150


  • Your $50 purchase online will be deducted from your total the day of the event. The $150 minimum purchase must be reached before the deposit will be redeemed.
  • The total price of the pottery chosen during the party is your only cost.
  • For example, 8 painters each painting a $20 coffee mug would bring your total to $160. $10 more than the minimum purchase required. After subtracting your deposit you will owe $110 plus tax.
  • Bring in whatever food you’d like to serve, drinks, cake, decorations, etc. If you are interested in serving any alcoholic beverages, you must have a party reservation and you must acquire a 1-day banquet permit. More information about banquet permits can be found HERE.
  • Weekday specials and other discounts and coupons do apply to parties however the minimum purchase is calculated after the discount.
  • Our reservation area can seat up to 12 painters. There is not much space for extra people to stand around. If you have a party with younger painters that may need guardians to stay with them during the party please plan for fewer painters. Encourage drop-offs for parties with older painters.