What is your average item's cost?

About $20-$25. You can expect to spend anywhere from $6 to $60 dollars depending on the piece. Here are a few examples: coffee mugs range from $18 to $25; plates are anywhere from $17 to $35; and platters come in at about $45 to $80. Most figurines are between $15 and $25.

If you have anything specific in mind just give us a call we’d be happy to give you some more specific prices. And remember the cost of the item includes painting, glazing, and firing — nothing more to pay aside from tax!

How old do you need to be to paint?

Honestly any age is welcome. We have parents bringing 5 week old infants to capture their tiny feet on a plate. Kids have a blast at our store. Generally when a child enjoys using crayons or even finger painting they really get a kick out of painting ceramics.

Are the paints safe for kids to use?

Yes! All Paint the Town’s glazes are non-toxic and wash out of clothing. Additionally there is no lead in any of our colors, even the clear over-glaze.

Are finished pieces food and water safe?

Definitely! Just steer clear of the microwave and dishwasher to prolong the life of your artwork.


Concerning Pickup

Do you call when my piece is finished?

No, not normally. Your item will be ready a week (7 days) from the day it was painted. You are more than welcome to give us a call to check if your item is out early.

Can I pick up my friend's item?

Yep. Just be sure they know you’re getting it for them. We’ll be able to find their wrapped order when you give us their first and last name.

How long can you hold my finished items for me?

We hold on to finished items for 30 days.  If you know you won’t be able to make it back in by then, you can always give us a call and we can extend that date for you.

Is my item done early?

Just give us a call and we can check for you.   Items are guaranteed in 7 days, but are often finished in as little as 5 days.

Can I pay extra and get my item fired faster?

Yep! We offer a 4 day rush that is $5 per item. This means if you paint something on Monday it will be ready when we open on Friday.

Reservations and Parties (***This section is only accurate for non-COVID times, and we hope to get back to booking larger parties by the Fall!  In the meantime, see our home page for details about reservations, walk-ins, and Pottery to Go!***)

Do I need a reservation?

Well, maybe. If you have group of six or more we can reserve a table for you in the party room. Reservations at Paint the Town are less like a dinner reservation and more for event like a ladies night out or a birthday party. For reservations/parties it’s a minimum purchase of $150. Our party room accommodates up to 12 painters comfortably.
Make a Party Reservation

I want to come in this Saturday but I'm worried you'll be busy. What should I do?

The best advice I can give when coming on weekends and school holidays is to call 30 minutes before your arrival.

When we fill up all our seats we start a waiting list for customers. We’ll take your name, cell number, and party size; once we have space for you we’ll call you back. We can hold your table for 10 minutes, after that if we have been unable to contact you we’ll move down the list. So if you call ahead we can place you on our waiting list (if we’ve started a list) before you physically get to the store, saving you waiting time.

What time can I have my reserved party?

Monday thru Saturday time slots are as follows: 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM, and 6PM. Sundays are: 12AM, 2PM, and 4PM. Each party is booked for 1.75 hours. We don’t double book parties so it’s first come first reserved. Monday through Thursday times area a little more flexible so let us know if you would like a different time.

Can I have an event after hours?

Sure! After hours parties can be reserved with a minimum purchase of $300 for up to 2 hours past closing. And $100 more for each additional hour. Sundays tend to be the go to day for these events because we close earlier at 6:00PM. Oh and if you’re an early riser before hours parties are possible too! Same deal on the pricing for before hours events.


Will you paint my piece for me?

Unfortunately we no longer offer custom painting as an option. We’re more than happy to teach techniques and give advice but you’ll have to do the painting yourself. There are tons tricks and most techniques are easier than they appear. Come in and we’ll help you out!

I want something you don't have in the store, will you order it for me?

Sure as long as you’re willing to buy a case of them. Most items come in cases of 4, 6, 8, 12 or 24. Come by and we’ll see what we can do. Alternatively if you just think Paint the Town’s inventory is missing something, email us your suggestion! paintthetown.info@gmail.com

Do you offer a volume discount?

Volume discounts are on an item by item basis. Let us know what item and how many you have in mind and we’ll let you know!